SCHOOL IS OPEN TODAY - Monday 12 February

The main roads to school are clear and we have had no notice of bus cancellations at the moment, so school will be open as normal.

There are some changes to our buses today, check the Metro website or @MetroGen on Twitter for updates 

We will follow our school closure procedure if this changes and keep you updated.

Welcome to Honley High School

The Honley Way
At Honley High School we have always focussed upon ensuring that we are the best that we can be.  This aim, set out in the school motto when we first opened in 1932 has led us to remarkable success, not only in terms of the examination outcomes for our school leavers but also in terms of achievements in sport, the arts and also our wider community involvement.
However, we are always looking to improve and develop further and in 2014 we became Co-operative School.  As a result, the partnerships that we have developed have enabled us to extend and enhance our curriculum and facilities, engage more fully in our local community and to create international links through projects in both Africa and China.  In addition, we continue to work closely with our students and parents in order to explore further opportunities to develop and improve.
We are a successful school but we recognise this comes as result of the hard work, dedication and resilience of all members of our school community.  Above everything else, we ensure the interests of our children are kept at the centre of everything we do.
That is The Honley Way.
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