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Giving students, the school and visitors that little bit extra.

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Do you have an idea for a school event that will get everyone talking?

If you are a parent, carer, student, member of the community or teacher, please tell us your ideas and we’ll see if it’s possible! Email Emily Cumming, Communication and Engagement Co-ordinator with your suggestions today.


More about FoHHS

Through FoHHS we provide the ‘nice to haves’ that make the school experience more enjoyable for students, teachers and visitors.

We’re a group of volunteers, made up of parents, carers, teachers and other interested parties. Our main aim is to raise money for things that enrich our children’s learning. Amongst other things, we have provided the school with:

  • Two digital cameras
  • Microscopes
  • Aprons for the Food Technology department
  • Rugby kit
  • iPads for the Technology department
  • Stereo system for the gym
  • Music Trips
  • Funding towards a Choir teacher
  • PHSCE resources

We are also pleased to have been able to support the English department by providing £500 for their literacy programme.


Fun fundraising 

We fundraise by organising fun, enjoyable events that students, friends and family can enjoy; or by providing a service, such as refreshments during plays, concerts and parents' evenings. All the money raised is for the benefit of the school and our children.


Join in and help out

New members are always welcome. If you can spare an hour or so each half term to attend our meetings we’d love to see you. We also need volunteers to run the events we hold – even half an hour serving refreshments is a huge help.To join in either come along to the meetings or email


Fundraising partners

Many local companies have helped and supported FoHHS over the years, by donating prizes for events or in other ways - we are always grateful for any support and would like to thank all our supporters.


The committee:

Elected Officers are: 

  • Chair:                                     David Lilley
  • Treasurer:                              Sarah Craven
  • Assistant Treasurer:              Alison Parkinson
  • Secretary:                              Rachel Essen
  • Assistant Secretary:              Sandra Schoolar
  • Press Officer:                         Emily Cumming
  • Assistant Press Officer:         Jeanette Dyson
  • School Champion:                 Heidi Halliday
  • Governor’s Representative:   Liz Gill

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