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Young Person's PhotoCards - Important Update

Metro have made us aware that from 1st October 2014, paper Young Person’s PhotoCards will no longer be accepted for travel in West Yorkshire. 11-16 year olds need to swap paper PhotoCards for a new smartcard in order to claim half-fare travel in West Yorkshire.

11-16 year olds can apply online or at a local Bus Station Travel Centre and the first one is free. Visit the generationM website for more information. http://www.generationm.co.uk/Site/Templates/Pages/HeadedContentPage.PB.aspx?pageid=4294967545  


Northern Rail Educational Season Tickets for under 16s

SAVE with an educational season ticket...

If your child / children travel to Honley from Huddersfield, Lockwood, Berry Brow, Brockholes, Stocksmoor, Shepley, Denby Dale, Penistone, Silkstone Common, Dodworth or Barnsley Interchange and attends Honley High School every day, there is a money saving educational season ticket available to you.

Please click on the PDF document link below for more information and an application form.


In Kirklees free home to school transport is normally only provided if the following criteria are met:

  • the journey is the nearest suitable and available school to the child's home address; and
  • the journey is in excess of three miles

However, other applications may be considered and further details can be obtained from:

Bus Pass Team
Civic Centre 1
High Street
Telephone: 01484 221 000 - This is the Kirklees switchboard. Please state 'bus pass team' when prompted.
Email:         free.buspasses4schools@kirklees.gov.uk

Contracted school buses carry students from the Meltham area. Students from other areas need to use service buses or trains. The K-Line 911 is a non-contract service bus for those fare paying passengers who live within the three mile limit. Any students travelling from Netherton can only travel on K7 and must have a boarding permit, obtainable from the Metro website: http://www.wymetro.com/BusTravel/

Lost of defaced passes can be replaced for a fee of £5. This can be done directly with the Kirklees Transport Team.  School can issue a temporary pass for a maximum of one week so that your child can continue to travel whilst a new pass is obtained.

Any enquiries about an incident on a school bus should be made to the following staff:

K1 Mrs Nash
K2 Miss Fox
K4 Mr Restall
K5 Mr O'Toole
Trains and Service Buses Mr Oliver

Student Behaviour on School Transport

Students have a right to safe and trouble free travel, Students will be expected to:

  • follow the instructions of the driver
  • enter and leave by the correct door
  • use seat belts where provided

We are responsible for students' conduct to and from school, and recent legislation means that we must view behaviour coming to and from school as an extension of the school day and deal with it accordingly. We believe that working with parents to ensure behaviour which respects the rights of other transport users is essential in providing a safe, pleasant environment in which students can travel. Students are not permitted to:

  • smoke
  • use foul language
  • throw any items off the vehicle
  • distract the driver
  • behave in a dangerous manner

Parents / carers need to ensure that their children are aware of the consequences of failing to behave in an acceptable way on school transport. In some cases parents / carers may be charged for any damage to a vehicle.

Honley High School supports the Kirklees Council policy of staged response to unacceptable behaviour on school transport:

Stage 1: a warning about behaviour from the senior member of staff with responsibility for the school buses.
Stage 2: a ban from travelling on the school transport (normally for one week).
Stage 3: an exclusion from school.
Stage 4: in extreme cases Kirklees Council can withdraw the right to free transport "with no recompense".