Parents Internet Payments

Payment of School Meals

To make a payment for school meals, please click here.

The school operates a cashless system for the payment of all school meals and snacks. New students to the school will have a biometric scan of their finger taken or be given a pin number which creates an individual account for their use.

The preferred method, as it is the most secure, is to use the online payment system Parent Pay (link above).  Parents/carers will be provided with a unique activation username and password to enable a payment into their child's account.

Alternatively payment can be made by cheque and delivered by the student into the box in the dining room.  Please ensure your child's name and form are clearly written on the reverse of the cheque.

When purchasing a school meal or snack, students enter their pin number or place their finger on the sensor at the till point, and the amount will automatically be deducted from their account. Students who have no money in their account for the payment of a meal must speak to the Catering Supervisor, Mrs Ferrari who will be able to make provision for a student to have a meal, but the student must deposit money into their account the following day.

Those entitled to free school meals automatically receive a credit amount on their account each day and will follow the same procedure at the till point.  For information on free school meals, please contact the Attendance and Student Support Service on 01484 221 919.

Payment of Trips and Visits

To make a payment for school trips and visits, please click here.

If you need help in setting up an account for your child or help in making a payment, please contact Mrs Finn, Finance on 01484 506484.