Local Elections

Find out how our students got on at the local election count

A group of students were selected to attend the vote count for the local council's election. Whilst there they experienced first–hand how the ballots were counted and sorted and given an insight into our local democracy.

Barney Wakefield reports: We were privileged enough to meet and talk with Thelma Walker - our local MP - the chief executive of Kirklees Council and the returning officer as well as several candidates standing to become councilors, which gave us a valuable insight into how our local democracy works.

Many of the candidates were busy however as they were trying to predict how many votes they had gotten by making tallies. It was very interesting seeing how quickly and efficiently the votes were counted and you could feel the tension in highly contested seats which is something which you don't get watching the TV! In the end Labour came out with a majority in the council, which they rejoiced rather happily about, after which we had to leave all too soon.

Overall it was a fascinating experience which allowed us to see democracy in action which we all enjoyed very much.

Barney Wakefield, Murray Purkis and Chris Martin.

Last Updated: 11/05/2018
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Author: Honley High School

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